VI:02:10 CEU Grades


The purpose of this policy is to provide information regarding the letter grades awarded for CEU instructional activities. Non-credit faculty report that each student has or has not met the specified requirements for satisfactory completion and is or is not to be awarded the appropriate CEUs for the non-credit program*.

Grading System

Requirements for satisfactory completion of CEU programs are established in advance for each planned learning experience. These requirements are based on the stated purpose and intended learning outcomes of the program. The letter grade and conditions for satisfactory completion in a non-credit learning activity are included in the course syllabus. Participants must demonstrate the achievement of the learning outcomes through discussions, summaries, projects, questions and answers, simulations, exercises, plans, etc. In some cases, successful completion is based upon attendance. Attendance in this instance refers to active participation.


  • "S" Satisfactory Completion
  • "U" Unsatisfactory Completion
  • "I" Incomplete (An "I" is awarded if a student was unable to complete the work assignment for an unavoidable reason, and, in the opinion of the instructor, will be able to successfully complete the assignment within one semester. An "I" grade will convert to a "U" if the work is not completed by the subsequent semester (summer semester is not included).
  • "W" Withdrew (A "W" is indicated on a transcript when the student withdraws or is administratively withdrawn after the first scheduled class meeting.

CEU grades are not computed in a student's grade point average.

Final Grades

The final grade awarded by the CEU faculty member is recorded and a permanent record of participation is maintained for each individual enrolled in CEU instructional activities.

Grade reports are not mailed to non-credit students. Students may request a Certificate of Completion to serve as record of satisfactory completion or request a copy of their transcript in lieu of a grade report.

Grade Changes

CEU faculty are asked to check grades carefully prior to submission of the final grade roll. However, should a faculty member make an error in recording a grade or need to change an "I" to an "S" or "U" grade, he/she may request a change of grade form, providing written justification for the grade change. Grade changes are approved by the Assistant Vice President for Continuing Education and Economic Development and are recorded in the student's permanent file.

Appeal Process

Students are provided the opportunity to appeal a grade received in a CEU course, workshop, or seminar once it has been posted. The appeal must be initiated within two semesters of the posting of the grade (summer semester is not included).

To appeal a grade, the student must provide a written statement to the Assistant Vice President for Continuing Education and Economic Development. After a decision has been reached, both the faculty member and the student are notified of the decision. The faculty member or the student may appeal the decision to the Vice President for Resource Development.

* Program is defined as a single course or workshop/seminar as well as a series of courses leading toward a Certificate of Completion.

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