II:05:00 Excused Absences for College Functions

This policy is intended to deal only with excused absences for official College functions. An official College function is considered to be one at which the student is representing Volunteer State Community College, which is approved under the procedures outlined below, and which is authorized by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. An excused absence for any reason (other than the reason defined by the snow policy, published in the college catalog, or under the provisions of this policy) may only be granted by the student's instructor (s) of the class (es) the student will not or has not attended. The instructor (s) will follow this Excused Absences for College Functions policy when the conditions of this policy have been met. Excused absences covered by this policy shall be exempt from the regular attendance policy of a course.

A. Sponsor. The sponsor of an official College function which would require a student to be absent from class (es) should secure approval for the activity from the sponsor's immediate supervisor at least three weeks prior to the event. The request for approval should include very specific information about dates and times of departure and return. The sponsor must also inform involved students of the procedure that must be followed.

B. Supervisor. The sponsor's immediate supervisor must send a notice of the College function with specific information about the event, dates, and time to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

C. Vice President of Academic Affairs. The College administration has the responsibility to determine which functions will be governed by this policy. If the Vice President of Academic Affairs determines that the event is an approved function, notice of the excused absence will be sent to appropriate faculty, supervisors, and division deans. Only when the Vice President of Academic Affairs distributes notification of an approved College function will this policy be in effect.

D. Faculty. Faculty have the responsibility to allow students an opportunity to make up work for excused absences covered by this policy. Faculty members should include in each class syllabus the student procedure for excused absences.

E. Student. Students who wish an excused absence and to make up work missed when participating in an approved College function should notify their instructors and complete arrangements at least one week prior to the absence. Each instructor may require documentation of the reason for the request. Students must accept the responsibility to attend class and follow the attendance regulations established by the instructor. Students who participate in activities or organizations which represent the College must be especially careful not to miss class for other reasons. Students remain responsible for class assignments and activities even when an absence has been excused.

VSCC Source: November 3, 1988, President; November 12, 1998, President; October 9, 2008, President.