III:01:01 Admissions Requirements


Admission requirements are developed to ensure the integrity of the academic environment of the College. As an open access institution, Volunteer State Community College shall strive to limit barriers in admission to the extent that compliance with Tennessee Board of Regents policies, the College mission, and state and federal regulations shall permit.

General Policy

Requirements for admission to the College and types of admission shall be published in the College Catalog.

All applicants shall be required to provide documentation for the applicant's admission type as specified in the College Catalog for the term for which the applicant is requesting admission to the College.

Except as specified below, applicants may be admitted conditionally to the College and allowed to enroll prior to their admission file being complete.

Applicants to the Dual Enrollment, Joint Enrollment, Early Admission, Advanced Studies, and Academically Talented and Gifted categories are not eligible for conditional admission. Further, to continue enrollment in classes at Volunteer State Community College, each term after the initial term of admission, the applicant must produce a letter or other documentation of permission to enroll from the applicant's high school.

International applicants are not eligible for conditional admission. To be considered for admission, an international applicant must submit all required admission documentation by October 1 for the Spring semester, March 1 for the Summer semester, or June 1 for the Fall semester.

Students admitted conditionally must submit all required documentation prior to being allowed to register for any succeeding semester beyond their initial term of admission. In extenuating circumstances, extension of conditional admission may be granted by the Director of Admissions on a case by case basis.

Applicants may be denied admission to the College or to a specific admission type if the applicant fails to provide the required documentation or if the applicant's credentials fail to meet the requirements specified in the College Catalog for the term for which the applicant is requesting admission to the College.

Admission requirements shall be reviewed annually.

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