Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events for QEP Topic Selection


Week of January 7
Division Meeting Discussions and Submission of Proposed QEP Topics
Topic Selection Committee Compiles Information Generated From Division Meetings
Compiled QEP Topic Information Distributed to Employees, Community Members, and Students
January 14 and 21
Small Group Discussions to Narrow Scope of QEP (open to all VSCC employees, to be held at various times throughout 2 week period)
Faculty Council Discussion Executive Council Discussion Staff Council Discussion
Committee Meeting Discussion Examples: General Education Committee Instructional Committee Other Committees
Exchange User Discussion
Focus Groups with Students – SGA, Clubs, TRIO, and others
Focus Groups with Community Members, Advisory Boards, Alumni
January 28
Topic Selection Committee Further Refines Proposed QEP topics to be discussed during campus-wide meeting on February 4


February 4 2:30 to 3:00
Final Refinement of QEP Topic
Campus-wide Meeting to Finalize Selection of QEP Topic (Carpeted Dining Room)
February 11
Presentation of QEP topic to Cabinet for approval
February 18
Appointment of QEP Committee