About Rx TN

Rx Tennessee – “A Prescription for Healthcare Training in Tennessee” (Rx TN) – is designed to provide new opportunities for unemployed, underemployed or other individuals interested in the field of healthcare. One aim of the Grant is to assist Trade Act Adjustment (TAA)-eligible individuals and others in earning a certificate or degree in healthcare to increase their competitiveness in the job market. TAA-workers are dislocated employees that have lost their jobs as a result of the work going off-shore. Another aim of the grant is to meet the workforce needs of state-wide healthcare employers and industry. 

The project contains a strong Student Support Prescription component designed to serve all TAA-eligible workers and others in the selection of healthcare training, successful completion of the program, and job searching in the healthcare field. The Rx Tennessee Completion Coach will be serving students who are interested in a healthcare program and students enrolled in an Rx TN program.

Tracy Derryberry

Rx TN Program Coordinator
(615) 452-8600 ext. 2967

Brenda Blankenship
Rx TN Completion Coach
(615) 230-3624

Holly Henry
Rx TN Technical Clerk/Administrative Assistant
(615) 452-8600 ext. 2992