First National Bank of Tennessee keeps training program alive

Submitted on October 28, 2009 at 8:47 AM

LBJ&C had a chance to thank First National Bank of Tennessee for the tuition help. Pictured left to right: Ken Dodson and Jim Evans, First National Bank of Tennessee; Sharon Ray, student; Debbie Thomas and Dorothy Pippin, LJB&C; Portia Snow, student and Michael Powell, Volunteer State at Livingston.

They work with kids and mothers in the community helping them learn more about everything from nutrition to health. This fall though, the teachers on the front line of that effort needed a little help themselves. LBJ&C Development Corporation runs Head Start programs in the area. Their students receive financial assistance to further their education at Volunteer State Community College at Livingston. The funding sources for that program ran out for LBJ&C and the teachers found out that they would not be able to take fall classes. It was a desperate situation until First National Bank of Tennessee in Livingston stepped in.

"It was really a pleasant surprise. I never expected it," said Dorothy Pippin, Executive Director of LBJ&C. "Without that donation we would not have been able to further the education of our teachers and improve the quality of our program."

The 43 students in the program are taking their classes this fall at Vol State at Livingston, with tuition and books paid for through a donation from First National Bank of Tennessee.

"In addition to this funding, First National through an affiliate foundation has approximately 30 full-time scholarships to Vol State, Tennessee Technology Center at Livingston and Tennessee Tech University. These two programs combined will exceed $100,000 for this year. First National Bank of Tennessee believes in giving back to those that make our existence possible," said Jim Evans, Community President. "We value our youth, our schools and our community."

Students say the help came just in time.

"I was very excited when I found out," said student Sharon Ray of Allons. "I wasn't going to get to go at all, and now I can finish my degree."

The First National Bank of Tennessee money not only helps the LBJ&C workers, but also the thousands of families those teachers will assist through Head Start.

"To have a well trained and educated staff means that children will receive a better quality of services," said Pippin.

"First National Bank of Tennessee thanks Vol State for being a vital part of the educational system in this county, and we realize that education is the future of this community," said Evans.

LBJ&C is working to secure more money for the education program for coming semesters. While spring semester is still posing a problem, the organization hopes that fall funding for tuition will be available.

For more information about LBJ&C visit the website at or call 931-528-3361.

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