Vol State Gets New Computerized Radiography System

Submitted on April 01, 2011 at 9:11 AM

Medical records are going digital and that means that the x-ray of your chest needs to move from x-ray film into a computer. The Volunteer State Community College Radiologic Technology program has new equipment for doing just that: the Konica Image Pilot Computerized Radiography System. Digital imaging allows radiologic technologists, and radiologists, to crop, measure and invert an image to get a better look at a specific part of the body.

"The resolution of the images is much higher than film, and there are more details," said Terri Crutcher Vol State Radiologic Technology clinical coordinator. "A doctor in his office will have immediate access as soon as the image is done. This brings us up to the same technological level as our clinical sites."

That means Vol State students will be able to practice on the same advanced equipment that they will be using in their clinical assignments in hospitals and doctor offices. The unit cost nearly $45,000, part of the issue in the college acquiring the machine. Students say the access to the latest technology is important to prepare them for the work place.

For more information on the Radiologic Technology program at Vol State visit: www.volstate.edu/RadTech


Vol State students practice using the new equipment with an x-ray of a human skull. Left to right: Cheri Filson of Lebanon, Brittany Miller of Westmoreland, Meredith Chapman of Hermitage, Sarah Combellick of Hendersonville and in the background Jamie McQuaid of Murfreesboro.

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