Graduates' Awards Night

Submitted on May 03, 2011 at 8:48 AM

Graduates' Awards Night - 25th Annual Award Program

Volunteer State Community College

The annual Graduates' Awards Night was held last week. Congratulations to all of the award recipients. The awards are a reminder of the incredible talents of Vol State students and their dedication to the campus and the community. To view a picture gallery of the award presentations visit:

The PATRICIA B. LEBKUECHER AWARD is presented to a graduate who has demonstrated ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE while in pursuit of an associate degree.

  1. Carol Bazenet - Portland
  2. Jordan Hoover - White House
  3. Shelly Keef - Goodlettsville
  4. Olivia Key - Moss

The JAMES "JIM" C. MOORE AWARD is a humanitarian award presented to a student for SERVICE TO COMMUNITY AND FAMILY.

  1. Lisa Halliburton - Pleasant Shade
  2. Willie Montejo - Gallatin
  3. Tina Newman - Gallatin
  4. Shara Walker - Nashville

The MARY COLE NICHOLS AWARD is presented to a graduate for exceptional service in IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF STUDENT LIFE at Volunteer State.

  1. Elizabeth Duke - Goodlettsville
  2. Josh Moore - Gallatin
  3. Karrie Pedigo - Cookeville

The R. WADE POWERS AWARD is presented to a graduate who has demonstrated the highest principles and ideals while serving the College in some special way with EXEMPLARY PROBITY.

  1. Stacy Bagshaw - Portland
  2. Alex J. Hughes - Bethpage
  3. Remy-Martin Hamel - Portland

The HAL R. RAMER AWARD is presented to a graduate who has faced extreme adversity while a student at Vol State but succeeded because of FORTITUDE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY.

  1. Kenneth Gassaway - Portland
  2. Charlette Hale- Lebanon
  3. Jessica Mitchell - Hermitage
  4. Miles Monhollen - Portland
  5. Cayla Smith - Cookeville
  6. Dana Vick - Gallatin

The JAMES L. TUTTLE AWARD is presented to a graduate who has served the college in some special way but with HUMILITY IN SERVICE.

  1. Yvette Burns - Gallatin
  2. Kerensa James - Lebanon
  3. Caleb Jernigan - Cross Plains
  4. Maytee Vinces - Lebanon

The POSITIVE DIFFERENCE AWARD is given to a student who has made a difference in student activities. This award was established by the Division of Student Services to say "thank you" to a student has worked to improve student activities programming and one who does not wait to be told or asked what to do

  1. Jamie Blurton - Hendersonville

Business Division Excellence Award

Justin Yodis - Murfreesboro

G. Wayne Sullivan Award-Outstanding Math and Science Graduate

Caleb Jernigan - Cross Plains

Allied Health Division Excellence Award

Meredith Peck - Wartrace

Humanities Division Excellence Award

Heather Ray - Bethpage

Social Science and Education Division Excellence Award

Katie McVey - Hendersonville 

Outstanding Graduate Nominees

Jamie Blurton - Hendersonville

Rio Diniakos - Hendersonville

Jamie Fleming - Gallatin

Ginger Haley - Springfield

Caleb Jernigan - Cross Plains

Julie Kaiga - Hendersonville

Tina Newman - Gallatin

Misty Scott - Hendersonville

Zachary Sullivan - Goodlettsville

Lisa Sumner - Mt. Juliet

Chris Tomlinson - Lebanon

Dana Vick - Gallatin

Justin Yodis - Murfreesboro

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