Students compete in TMTA math competition at Vol State

Submitted on April 17, 2012 at 3:20 PM

The Tennessee Math Teachers Association held a regional math competition at Volunteer State Community College recently. Hundreds of students from schools across the area competed in the following categories: Algebra I and II, Geometry, Statistics, Precalculus and Calculus. Winners will go on to compete in the state competition. The schools participating included: Davidson Academy, Gallatin High School, Hendersonville High School, Merrol Hyde Magnet School, Portland High School, Westmoreland High School, Westmoreland Middle School, Wilson County Central High School, Sumner Academy, Hendersonville Christian Academy, and Pope John Paul II High School. The top three winners in each category had their photo taken with Vol State Interim President Dr. Bruce Scism.


Pictured: The first place award winners.

Algebra I First place- Rick Petty, Pope John Paul II; second place- Andy Motz, Sumner Academy; third place-Wendy He, Hendersonville Christian.

Geometry First place- Alexandria Ward, Hendersonville H.S.; second place-Huang Hao, Portland H.S.; third place- Kelly Dineen, Hendersonville H.S.

Algebra II Ties for all places. First place- Daniel Edwards, Pope John Paul II and Lin-Fei Wang, Hendersonville H.S.; second place- Matt Martin, Hendersonville H.S. and Aaron Douglas, Davidson Academy; third place- Shi-Lin Wang, Hendersonville H.S. and Sarah Brown Hendersonville H.S.

Statistics. First place- Michael Scheriger, Pope John Paul II; second place- MacKenzie Mayberry, Pope John Paul II; third place- Jonathan Adams, Pope John Paul II.

Precalculus. First place- Sean Kennedy, Westmoreland H.S.; second place- Laura Coker, Gallatin High School; third place- Benjamin Jacob, Hendersonville H.S.

Calculus and Advanced Topics. First place- Kaitlin Carter, Merrol Hyde; second place- Zachary Knight, Portland H.S.; third place- Gary Collins, Hendersonville H.S.


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