Vol State reaches out to Former College Students Who Want to Finally Get That Degree

Submitted on July 26, 2012 at 10:44 AM

The graduation cap and gown is the goal for most college students. Often, though, life interferes, leaving some students with many college credits and yet no degree. Volunteer State Community College is reaching out to those students and encouraging them to take the few classes they need left to get that degree.

"I became sick and had to quit. So, now I'm trying to come back," said Richard Fite of Gallatin. "I have 12 hours left. If I could get that done it would be great."

"I wanted to see how close I really was and how many classes I needed. I didn't have as much left as I thought," said Tammy Wright of Gallatin.

"I need 14 more credit hours. That's five classes. I'm filling out financial aid paperwork and hope to take classes in the fall," Christine Spoon of White House said.

"Life gets in the way, so their education gets put on the backburner," said Annette Wagner, assistant director of admissions. "This is an opportunity to put their education on the front burner again."

The College recently held a Getting Restarted Workshop. College staff went through the records to identify people who were close to completing a degree and had not taken classes in a while. More than 20 people showed up to the event. They were given a degree audit, telling them exactly what classes they needed to earn a degree. Advisors worked with them to put together a class plan. The college also offered information on financial aid.

"Many of them told us they had been thinking of going back to school for some time," said Wagner. "But when they got our letter they decided to go ahead and finish."

Some students even had all of the necessary credits and transferred to a university without completing the exit exam they need for a Vol State degree.

"I'm going to nursing school and it will be nice to have an associate's degree along with my LPN," said Kay Barnhill of Mt. Juliet. "It will be really good to have that piece of paper saying I graduated from Vol State."

The Vol State Office of Admissions can run a degree audit for anyone interested in finishing their degree. They can also work with students who took classes at other colleges and want to apply them to a Vol State degree. Those interested can visit Admissions in room 173 of the Ramer Building on the campus in Gallatin. Springfield and Livingston students can visit those campuses for help as well. Or students can call the Office of Admissions at 615-230-3688. The web site is www.volstate.edu/admissions.


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