Vol State Posts Second Highest Graduation Rate for Athletes

Submitted on August 13, 2012 at 9:46 AM

Community college athletic programs may chase tournament spots and championships, but there is something even more important to the players and coaches: doing well academically. Volunteer State Community College has posted the second highest graduation rate in Tennessee for its student athletes. Just over 74 percent of athletes graduated in 2012. The Tennessee Community College Athletic Association (TCCAA) compiles the figures. They include two Vol State students with the highest GPAs in their sports. The women's basketball team won the All-Academic Team Award for the season. In all, nineteen Vol State athletes made the TCCAA All Academic Honors list.

"It's our job to help students succeed in the classroom," said Athletic Director Bobby Hudson. "When parents entrust their kids to you, you owe them the best."

"Coach Lynn always stressed that we were a student first and an athlete second," said softball player Shelby Jo Fenter. "They take academics very seriously."

Fenter is headed to the University of Mississippi and is looking forward to a career in sports marketing. Baseball player Michael Massi will be attending Mercer University.

"As a team we look out for each other and help other players if they're struggling in class," Massi said.

In the 2011 season the Vol State softball team won the Region 7 championship. In 2008-2009 the baseball team won the All Sports award from TCCAA. For more information visit the web page at www.volstate.edu/athletics


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