Vol State Ranks Top 40 in Nation for Travel Study

Submitted on March 22, 2013 at 9:16 AM

Volunteer State Community College students travel to countries across the globe as part of the International Education program at the college. A new ranking puts Vol State in the top 40 of community colleges in the nation for the percentage of students that participate in travel study. The Institute of International Education (IIE) ranked the college number 32 in the country. Last year, the college had 42 students travel internationally.

"The number of students we have been sending overseas has been growing," said Ann-Marie Ruttenbur, coordinator of International Education. "It's our goal to get a cross-section of students participating."

"It's life changing for the students who travel, said International Education director John Espey. " It gives them an experience they'll be able to reflect on for a lifetime."

Travel study can take many forms at Vol State. Faculty lead trips involve students from certain classes traveling overseas for study. One of those was held recently when Vol State music students traveled to Ireland to perform and learn about Irish music traditions. The college is also an active participant in TnCIS travel study. Students can choose from a number of different TnCIS classes taught in many different countries. The academic focus of the class determines the sites visited during the trip. Student complete assignments, just as in a traditional class, and receive college credit for the class.

Travel study programs are just one of many ways that Vol State is bringing international perspectives to students on campus. Events are held throughout the year on the campuses. Speakers from countries such as Pakistan and Myanmar can provide a unique insight into the challenges in those nations.

IIE reports that U.S. student participation in study abroad has more than tripled over the past two decades. For more information about International Education at Vol State visit www.volstate.edu/International.


Pictured: Vol State music students and faculty play bluegrass at The Monks Public House in Thurles, Ireland as part of a recent International Education trip. Left to right: Brittany Smith, Gallatin; Jim Horton, Nashville; Ben Graves, Nashville; Daniel Parnell, Gallatin; and Mark Barnett, Nashville.

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