The Road Back to College and Creativity

Manon LaneLearning can sometimes seem like a chore until you view it from a new perspective. For Manon Lane that view came after years of working in the service industry.

“I started working in restaurants and fast food and I was good at that. But I was just surviving shift to shift, and that’s not me,” she said.

Lane burned out on school while at a prestigious Nashville magnet high school. She earned a GED and went into the working world. She suffered health issues along the way, taking years to figure out that she had a neurological condition.

“I threw up every day for eight years. Never once did anyone say- we need to get her an MRI.”

Still, it wasn’t just the health problems holding her back. She was looking for motivation. Her grandmother, who works in higher education, always encouraged Lane to go to college. Finally, at age 36, she decided to take the plunge. She didn’t know what to expect at Vol State.

“At first, I was nervous, but I had this overwhelming feeling that this was something I needed to do. I had a funny first day of school. My car broke down. So, my first day in college, I’m in my 30’s, and I was dropped off at campus by my roomate’s dad.”

She quickly felt at home, both at Vol State and with learning again.

“I had lost that creativity and problem solving while I was working. It had been so long since I had been to school. Now I’m back. I love helping people and I love making a difference.”

Lane is exploring much of what Vol State has to offer, including a President’s Ambassador scholarship, student clubs and classes in the Honors Program.

“I became the leader of 13 other students in brainstorming ways to promote the Honors Program. I found myself saying let’s make a video. Now it’s used for honors information nights.”

Lane hopes to put those TV skills to use some day professionally, by making marketing videos for nonprofits.

“I would love to own my own business making videos that promote organizations that are beneficial to the community.”

She is a University Studies major and hopes to transfer to Trevecca University after graduating from Vol State in May.

“It’s a new chapter in life when you realize it can only get better,” she said. “That first day of school was when I realized that it only gets better from here.”

For tips on returning to college visit www.volstate.edu/adult .