Delivery Methods

Class Description Section
Traditional Lecture in Classroom, Instructor Present 001, 002, 501, 551, 801, 901, 951
*Online VSCC Vol State Instructor, usually no class time, no extra fees C01, C02, C03, C04, …C10
*Online Regents Online Regents' Instructor, No Class Time, Additional Fees R50 (lecture), R80 (lab - Science courses only)
Videotape Only 1 - 4 class meetings, Usually meets Saturday V31, V32, V51, V52, V81, V82
*Hybrid 25% in class, 75% online H01, H31, H32, H41, H51, H52, H53, H81, H83
ITV Interactive Television, Gallatin to Livingston, Scheduled as Traditional D01, D51
Weekend Meets once per week, usually Saturdays, Instructor Present W41, W42
Full-time Friday Classes meet Friday only F01
ESOL English for speakers of other languages E01, E06
Study Abroad Courses that include an element of international travel. Begins with "I"
Enhanced Courses Enhanced courses are for students who need a little extra help in college-level Math or English courses and meet extra hours per week. Students should go to Humanities Division or the Math and Science Division for more information. Ends with "E"
Highland Crest(Springfield) Classes meet at Highland Crest in Springfield S01, S02 (Lecture) S81, S82(Lab)
Block Section is part of a block schedule. B01, B02, B03, etc.

*The student is responsible for logging in to the course on the first day of the semester. The instructors will not contact the students prior to the first day of class.