We are excited about your decision to continue Volunteer State Community College, and we want to make your registration process as smooth as possible. The information below will help you properly navigate through our upgraded registration system, which has many new and improved features. If the information doesn't address an issue you are having with your registration process, there are two offices which may be able to help you.

  1. Advising Center - (615) 230 - 3702 - help with non-technical issues such as holds on your account.
  2. IT Help Desk - (888) 335 - 8722 - extension 3302 - help with technical issues such as getting your PIN reset.

Online Help

Another resource for registration help is the MyVolstate Portal Blog.

What You Will Find Here

If you have any trouble with the registration system, we hope to make information available here that can help solve that problem. For those new to the system we cover logging in (Part 1) for the first time and setting up your new PIN and security question (Part 2). Then we cover how to search for classes (Part 3) and how to make sense of the search results (Part 4, Part 5, & Part 6). Once you've found a class, you'll probably want to register (Part 6 & Part 8) for it or you may want to see more information (Part 10) about it. You may need to drop a class (Part 9) along the way. Once you're done with registration you may want to view or print your schedule (Part 7 & Part 11). Finally, there's several special situations and errors (Part 12) you may run into.