Logging In

  1. Get to the Pride Online login page.

  2. The "V" in your User ID must always be upper case. Your initial PIN will also only use upper case letters. If you've already created a new PIN, it will be case sensitive and will use whatever mix numbers and upper & lower case letters you create.

    Screen shot of log in page

  3. Click the "Login" button to enter the system.

    Screen shot of log in button

  4. If you see the Invalid User ID or PIN error, make sure you used your V Number for your User ID, not your email User ID.

    Screen shot of Invalid User ID or PIN error

Reasons ID or PIN are invalid:

The most common problem is an error referring to an invalid ID of PIN. Here are a few pointers for addressing those issues. Make sure you are using your "V Number". This should be a capital V followed by an 8 digit number. Confirm letters or numbers in ID and PIN on the following: the number "0" (zero) or the letter "O" as in (Oscar) ; the number "1", or is it a letter "l" as in (lima) or an "I" as in (India).