Detailed Class Information

Way back in Part 4 we mentioned that clicking on the CRN for a class in the search results table would take you to a screen with more details about just that one class. We glossed over it there because it's not absolutely necessary to use this feature in order to register for classes. But there are a few situations where the info contained on these additional screens can be extremely helpful. We'll cover this feature here.

  1. To save you a trip all the way back to Part 4, view the screen shot below if you need a refresher on where to find the CRN link .

    CRN link

  2. Clicking such a link pulls up the Class Schedule Listing associated with that particular course. The top part of that screen lists some basic info about the class. The link at the top takes you to the Detailed Class Information screen (we'll cover that screen later).

    • "Associated Term" is the semester the class is offered.
    • "Registration Dates" list the date range during which registration will be open for this class.
    • "Levels" explains the type of credit this class offers. Virtually everything offered through Vol State will be at the undergraduate level.
    • Most classes have a single instructor, but this page should list all the "Instructors" associated with the class, marking the primary instructor with a (P) as before.
    • One of the most useful things this screen does is tell us the "Campus" location in plain English rather than in the shorthand codes deciphered in Part 4.
    • Likewise, the "Instructional Method " corresponds to the delivery method encoded into the section numbers (see Part 4). The class in the screen shot below is a traditional lecture delivered in a classroom.
    • "Credits" is the number of credit hours you will earn upon completion of the class.
    • "View Catalog Entry" links to the official catalog entry for the course.

    Class Schedule Listing

  3. Here's the same information for an Interactive Television class. Note the section number begins with a "D" and the "Instructional Method" has changed.

    Two Way Video class

  4. A hybrid class lists important additional information. The section number begins with a "H", the "Instructional Method" has changed, and the dates of the "Class Meeting Days" are published. This screen is the only way to access this information using Pride Online.

    Hybrid classes list dates of class meetings

  5. The lower half of this screen displays a "Scheduled Meeting Times" table with further information. For the most part this information is repeated from the main search results table covered previously (Part4, Part 5, & Part 6). The first notable exception is that "Where" the class meets is expanded into a more user friendly format than the building codes covered in Part 6.

    Full name of building and room number

  6. The "Instructor" column now lists an email icon that can be clicked to contact the instructor directly.

    Email icon

  7. As mentioned above, clicking on the course title link takes you to the "Detailed Class Information" screen. The top part of this screen is virtually identical to the "Class Schedule Listing" screen detailed above.

    Detailed Class Information

  8. The bottom of the screen shows the "Registration Availability" table. This displays the same seating capacity and waitlist information available on the search results page (see Part 5).

    Registration Availability