Printing Your Schedule

Once you’ve got your schedule nailed down, you’ll probably want to print, or at least view, your schedule. Pride Online offers two different ways of displaying this information. We’ll cover both here.

  1. From the main “Registration” menu, click on the “Student Detail Schedule” link.

    Detail Schedule link

  2. You may have to “Select a Term”. If so, choose the term from the drop down list and click the “Submit” button.

    Select Term

  3. Here’s your “Student Detail Schedule ”. You’ll see your “Total Credit Hours” listed along with a block of information for each class. All this information is explained in detail in Part 10. The most important areas are the “Assigned Instructor”, “Campus”, & the scheduled “Time”, “Days” of the week, and building & room number “Where” the class meets.

    Detail Schdule

  4. The other method of viewing your schedule information is available via the “Week at a Glance” link on the “Registration” menu.

  5. This handy feature charts your class schedule for the week calendar style. The screen shot below only shows the first 3 days because that’s all that will fit on this page. But trust us, the whole week is there. The only problem is it defaults to the current week. That can be confusing if we’re trying to look up the schedule for next semester.

    Defaults to current week

  6. If you scroll all the way over to the right, at the top of the screen, you’ll see two options to address this. If we’re close to the start of the semester, we can click the “Next Week” link a time or two to pull up the proper dates. Or we can type in a specific date to “Go to”.

    Use Next Week link or enter date

  7. Now we get the full listing for a week in the upcoming semester. If you’re viewing this after 02/11/2008 just pretend the screen shot below shows a date in the future.

    Future Week

  8. Either one of these pages can be printed out if you want a copy you can put in your notebook.