Wait, that's not what I see!

It's impossible for a tutorial like this to address every possible situation that can crop up during a process as complex as registering for classes. This page will document some of the more common special cases and error messages you may encounter.

  1. When you register for one or more classes, you may see the "Term Enrollment and Award Eligibility" screen before you get to the "Add or Drop Classes Worksheet" (between Part 6 and Part 7). The main thing to look for here is your eligibility for some items may depend in part or in full on achieving "Full time" enrollment status.

    Term Enrollment and Award Eligibility

  2. This screen helps you keep track of your financial aid award eligibility, but you can't really change anything here. If any of the information presented to you on this screen looks wrong, then follow the advice at the bottom of the table and "Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions about changes to your financial aid eligibility based upon enrollment changes." Click the "Continue" button to go to the "Add or Drop Classes" screen. You should be back on track with the rest of this tutorial at Part 7.

    Click Continue

  3. You may be asked about the Hepatitis B vaccine during the registration process. Select one of the two options presented and click the "Submit" button to continue.

    Hepatitis B vaccine info

  4. You may also see an error on the "Add or Drop Classes" screen if we do not have your shot record on file. You will not be able to register for full time status until you have turned in proof of MMR immunization to the Admissions Office. As stated above, achieving full time enrollment status can be a primary factor in your financial aid eligibility.

    MMR Hours Cap

  5. The same message is repeated at the bottom of the "Current Schedule&#8221 area. Note that "Maximum Hours" is capped at 11.990.

    Maximum Hours: 11.990

  6. You may encounter one of several errors while attempting to register for a class. These error messages appear between the "Current Schedule" and "Add Classes Worksheet". The screen shot below shows a "PREQ and TEST SCORE-ERROR". This may mean you have to complete another class (a prerequisite) or that certain test scores are needed before you may register for this class. A common cause for this error is when you're currently enrolled in the prerequisite class but grades are not yet posted. Contact the academic division offering the class to resolve this issue.

    Registration Add Error

  7. Other error status codes and ways to address them are listed below:

    • DUPL CRSE WITH SEC-_____ - You're trying to sign up for a class you're already in.
    • Department Approval - Contact the department for approval, may indicate honors or learning community section.
    • TIME CONFLICT WITH _____ - This class meets at the same time as some other class.
    • CORQ_______ REQ - There's some other class you have to take at the same time, usually a lab.
    • MAXIMUM HOURS EXCEEDED - This class would push you past your maximum hours cap. Contact the Records & Registration Office if you absolutely have to take more classes.