Finding Classes

Once you are logged in to the system there are lots of things you can do. So many things, in fact, that it can be a bit hard to find where to go to look for classes to register for. That's what this page is all about.

  1. You should see the Main Menu, go to the "Student and Financial Aid" tab for registration.

    Screen shot showing tab location

  2. Click the "Registration" link at the top of the Student and Financial Aid menu

    Screen shot showing registration link location

  3. From the Registration menu, click on the "Look Up Classes" link.

    Screen shot showing location of link

  4. Select the term for which you wish to register from the drop down form and click the Submit button.

    Screen shot showing select term form and submit button

  5. You must select a "Subject", all other criteria are optional

    Screen shot showing location of subject select form

  6. Make your selections and click the "Class Search" button

    Screen shot showing location of class search button