Class Search Results

Once you have selected your search criteria, you'll get your results. These results have a lot of information associated with each class. And chances are you'll see several different classes listed. This page will try to help you make sense of what you see.

  1. We'll cover the first 8 columns here. It may help things make sense if you take a look at them together before we explain them individually.

    First 8 columns

  2. Select - Check the boxes in this column to select a course or courses.

    Select column

  3. CRN, Subj, Crse - "Course Reference Number, Subject, Course"; a computer generated ID for each class, the abbreviation for the subject, and the course number. The CRN is a link to a new screen with expanded information about that particular class (see Part 10). The screen shot shows one History 1110 class and 4 History 1120 classes.

    Course Reference Number column

  4. Sec - "Section", each unique offering of each course gets a unique section number which reveals a bit of information as to the type of class delivery offered. Look at the first couple of characters and compare it to the list below.

    • ### - Traditional lecture in classroom.
    • C0# - Online, usually no class time will be listed. That first number is a zero.
    • V## - Videotape, usually meets on Saturday 1-4 times per semester. The first number is usually 3 or higher, never zero as above.
    • R## - Regents Online, usually off campus instructor, additional fees apply.
    • H## - Hybrid, 25% in the classroom, 75% online.
    • D## - Interactive Television link between Gallatin and Livingston.
    • W## - Weekend, usually meets on Saturdays.
    • Full list of Delivery Methods

    The screen shot shows 4 traditional classes and 1 online course.

    Section column

  5. Cmp - "Campus", an unfortunately unfriendly code corresponding to one of our campus locations. Pay attention here! If you live in Sumner County you probably don't want to sign up for a class at the Livingston campus.

    • 63M: Main Campus - Gallatin
    • VA5: Livingston Center - Livingston
    • VAA: McGavock High School - Nashville
    • VMA: Madison Church of Christ - Madison
    • VAT: Hunters Lane High School - Nashville
    • VMF: Wilson Central High School - Lebanon
    • VAB: Macon Co. High School - Lafayette
    • VAC: Springfield High School - Springfield
    • VAE: Smith Co. High School
    • VAV: Cohn Adult Learning Center Campus
    • Full list of Campus Codes

    The screen shot shows all Main Campus classes.

    Campus column

  6. Cred - "Credit Hours", the number of credit hours this course contributes towards your degree. You are signing up for courses that contribute to your degree aren't you?

    Credit Hours column

  7. Title - For the most part, this is the column out of this group that makes sense to human eyes.

    Title column

The search results screen has enough information on it that we'll split it up across a few pages. Go on to Part 5 for further explanation of the results table.