Class Search Results Continued

Once you have selected your search criteria, you'll get your results. These results have a lot of information associated with each class. And chances are you'll see several different classes listed. This page will try to help you make sense of what you see.

  1. We'll cover the next 11 columns here. Luckily for us, they break up nicely into 4 groups. The screen shot below shows them all together as a group.

    Next 11 columns

  2. Days, Time - The tricky part here is T means Tuesday and R means Thursday.

    The screen shot shows two Tuesday/Thursday classes and two Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes. At the bottom you can see the Days column is empty and the time is listed as TBA or "To Be Announced". If you remember from Part 4, the class at the bottom of these screen shots is online.

    Days and Time columns

  3. Cap, Act, Rem - "Section Capacity, Section Actual, Section Remaining "; these columns deal with the number of seats available in the class, how many of those seats are currently taken, and how many are left.

    Columns pertaining to section capacities

  4. WL Cap, WL Act, WL Rem - "Waitlist Capacity, Waitlist Actual, Waitlist Remaining ", these columns work just like the section seating information above but cover the waitlist rather than the seating capacity of the class section. Very few classes have a waitlist. For the most part once the Rem (Remaining) column above drops to zero the class is closed.

    Waitlist columns

  5. XL Cap, XL Act, XL Rem - "Crosslist Capacity, Crosslist Actual, Crosslist Remaining"; more columns dealing with capacities. A crosslist comes in to play when two classes share the same space at the same time. This rarely happens outside of a few cases such as Art classes sharing studio space.

    Crosslist columns

Go to Part 6 to wrap up with all the information presented in this search results table, then we'll be ready to register for one of the classes we've found.