Class Search Results Concluded

Once you have selected your search criteria, you'll get your results. These results have a lot of information associated with each class. And chances are you'll see several different classes listed. This page will try to help you make sense of what you see.

  1. We'll cover the last 4 columns here. The screen shot below shows them all together as a group.

    Last 4 columns

  2. Instructor - Lots of people miss this one because on everything but very large (and very expensive) computer screens you've got to scroll to the right to even see it. This column lists the instructors' names, although you may see a few TBAs in there too. The (P) thing after the names means "Primary". Most classes only have one instructor, but for those that have guest lecturers and what not only the primary instructor will be listed here.

    Instructor column

  3. Date, Location, Attribute - Date shows the first day of class and the last day of class, for most classes this will be the first day of the semester through the last day of the semester. Location gives you the abbreviation for the building and the room number. Attribute lists the department offering the class. Here's a list of building codes and map locations:

    Building Code Description Map Number
    100 Building 100 16
    200 Building 200 17
    300 Building 300 18
    400 Building 400 19
    ARTS Fine Arts 4
    CAUDI Noble Caudill Hall 11
    GIBSO Betty Gibson Hall 5
    MATTO Mattox Technology 14
    PICKL Pickle Field House 12
    RAMER Ramer Administration 1
    THIGP Thigpen Library 10
    WALLA Wallace Health Science 8
    WARF Warf Science 15
    WATLI Watlington Science Field Station 13
    WOOD Woods Campus Center 2

    Last 3 columns

  4. The most straight forward way to move forward from here is to check one or more of the classes from the list and click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the screen. This will automatically add those classes to your schedule in one step.

    Registration button

  5. If none of the classes on this screen meet your needs you can return to the Class Lookup screen by clicking on the "Class Search" button (see Part 3).

    Class Search button

  6. You can save the Course Reference Numbers of all the checked classes to the Add Class Worksheet by clicking the "Add to Worksheet" button (see Part 8).

    Add to Worksheet button

  7. If you want more information about a certain class before you register or add it to your work sheet or go back to the class search screen, you can click on the Course Reference Number to go to a screen with more detailed information on that class and only that class (see Part 10). This is important for hybrid classes, but optional for the rest.

    CRN link