Add or Drop Classes, Current Schedule

There are several ways for you to get to this screen. You can follow the "Add or Drop Classes" link from the registration main menu. This is also where you end up after registering for a class or adding a class to your worksheet (see the last few items covered in Part 6). Depending on how you get here, and when you get here, this screen may look a bit different, but the basic functions you can take from here are the same. We'll cover those now.

  1. If you got here by clicking on the Register button, or if you come here after you've added at least one class to your schedule, you'll see the "Current Schedule" area listing the classes currently on your schedule. The screen shot below shows a schedule after adding a single class.

    Current Schedule section of the Add or Drop Classes Worksheet

  2. "Status" shows the method and date the class was added to your schedule. Think of it as a sort of confirmation.

    Status shows the date and method of registration

  3. "Action" is where you can select to drop a class from your schedule (see Part 9).

    Action is where you select classes to be dropped

  4. "Total Credit Hours" is the number of credit hours for which you have successfully registered.

    Total number of credit hours registerd

  5. "Billing Hours" is the number of hours for which you will be billed.

    The number of hours to be billed

  6. "Maximum Hours" is the number of credit hours the system will allow you to sign up for without special approval.

    The maximum number of hours you are allowed to register for

  7. "Date" is the date and time this screen was loaded.

    Date and time page was loaded

  8. You may have to scroll to the right to see it, but over past the "Action" column you can find more info about the class or classes. Most of it is repeated from the class search results page (see Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6) but there are a couple of new columns. "Level" will probably be listed as "Undergraduate" for every class we offer. "Grade Mode" is most commonly "Standard Letter" meaning the A through F grades most people are familiar with.

    Level and Grade Mode