Add or Drop Classes, Add Classes Worksheet

We're still on the same screen as Part 7. The Add Classes Worksheet is at the bottom of the "Add or Drop Classes" page. This page focuses on how to use the worksheet to add classes to your schedule.

  1. Compared to most of the sections we've covered so far the worksheet is pretty simple. There are several boxes you can type Course Reference Numbers into and some buttons to press.

    Add Classes Worksheet

  2. To register for a class, enter it's CRN into one of the boxes and click the "Submit Changes" button. If you need a refresher on what a CRN is and how to find it, go back to Part 3 and read forward from there.

    You should return to this screen and the new classes should appear in your "Current Schedule" section (see Part 7).

    The screen shot shows a single CRN, but you can input as many CRNs into as many boxes as you need and register for them all at once.

    Enter CRN, click submit

  3. If you come to this screen after clicking the "Add to Worksheet" button on the Class Search results page (see Part 6), the CRNs for the classes you had checked on that screen will appear in the boxes automatically. If you click "Submit Changes" the system will register you for those classes. Clicking the "Register" button from the Class Search Results screen does exactly the same thing, and there's one less button to click.

  4. The "Class Search" button returns you to the Look Up Classes screen (see Part 3) without submitting the form. So no matter what's in the boxes, nothing will be added to your schedule.

    Class Search button

  5. The "Reset" button clears the form without making any changes to your schedule.

    Reset button

At this point we've covered everything you need to know to register for your classes. Coming soon we'll cover researching classes in detail, how to drop classes, and previewing & printing your schedule.