Dropping a Class

We covered adding classes with the Add or Drop Classes Worksheet in Part 8. As the name implies, this screen also allows you to drop classes. We'll cover that now.

  1. In the "Current Schedule" area, find the class you want to drop (Business 110 in this example). In the "Action" drop down menu for that class you'll see two options. If you're dropping a class prior to the first day of the semester, choose "Web DR day 1- prior 1st class". If you are dropping the class after the beginning of the semester but before the withdrawal deadline, choose "Web Day 15- thru last WD day". If the withdrawal deadline has past, you will not be able to drop any classes.

    Dropping a class

  2. To drop the selected class or classes click the "Submit Changes" button at the bottom of the screen.

    Click Submit to make changes

  3. You can even drop a class and add a class at the same time. Just select the class to be dropped as outlined above and enter the Course Reference Number for the class to be added as outlined in Part 8.

  4. The "Class Search" button returns you to the Look Up Classes screen (see Part 3) without submitting the form. So no matter what's in the boxes, nothing will be added to your schedule.

    Class Search button

  5. The "Reset" button clears the form without making any changes to your schedule.

    Reset button

All the basic functionality used in the registration process have been covered now. The rest of this tutorial will cover some special situations such as dealing with error messages and looking up more info about a particular class.