Student Activities & Events

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~*~Fall 2015~*~


9/9/15        Coffee with the PREZ                       10:00AM-11:00AM          TDR

9/16/15       Hispanic Heritage Quiz Bowl            12:45PM-1:45PM             TDR

9/18/15       Family Movie Night                         starts at dusk                  Outisde, QUAD                   Avengers: Age of Ultron                                                       Rain location- CDR
9/21-9/25     Health & Wellness Week       
9/22/15       Odell Bizzell- Motivational Speaker   12:45PM-1:45PM            CDR
9/30/15       Books Are Fun                                10:00AM-4:00PM            Wood, Hallway


10/1/15       Books Are Fun                                8:00AM-2:00PM              Wood, Hallway

10/7/15       Hispanic Heritage Celebration          12:45PM-1:45PM             CDR

10/19-10/23 Diversity Week

10/20/15      Coffee with the PREZ                     10:30AM-11:30AM           TDR

10/28/15      Fall Festival                                   10:00AM-2:00PM            CDR

10/30/15      Family Halloween Party                   6:00PM-8:00PM              TDR


11/4/15        Royce Lovett                                12:45PM-1:45PM              TDR

11/9/15        Jewelry Is Fun                              10:00AM-4:00PM              Wood, Hallway

11/10/15      Jewelry Is Fun                              8:00AM-2:00PM                Wood, Hallway

11/11/15      Veteran's Recognition Luncheon     12:45PM-1:45PM              CDR

11/16-11/21 HOMECOMING WEEK!!!

11/16-11/20 International Education Week

11/18/15      Spoken Word- Asia Project            12:45PM-1:45PM              CDR

11/19/15      Coffee with the PREZ                    9:00AM-10:00AM              TDR

11/21/15      Homecoming Games!                    2:00PM & 4:00PM             Pickel Field House, Gym


12/2/15       Festival of Lights                           12:45PM-1:45PM              TDR

12/4/15       Christmas for the Kids Party           6:00PM-8:00PM                TDR