Start up Checklist - download

Starting a business takes several steps. This checklist is designed to give you the necessary requirements to start a business and give you the specific contact information in the Volunteer State Community College service area.

Business Plan Outline - download

A written guide to starting and running your business successfully is essential. This plan will encourage loans, promote growth, and provide a map for you to follow.

Finance Worksheet - download

The Projected Profit and Loss Statement is in the Excel 2000 file format. If you do not have Excel 97 installed on your machine, you can download the FREE Excel viewer.
Only complete yellow cells. Be careful, not to overwrite the cells that contain formulas.

Business Entity Comparison - download

Many factors must be considered when choosing the best form of business ownership or structure. The choice you make can have an impact on multiple aspects of your business, including taxes, liability, ownership succession, and others.

Always consult a professional, such as an attorney or accountant, when selecting a business entity.