This page is dedicated to mathematics teachers looking for worthwhile application problems that answer the students' age old question... "Where will I ever use this?"

The goals of this web site are to:

  • publish the results of an Education Edge project that surveyed mathematics usage in various types of jobs
  • provide application problems for teachers in middle and high school and maybe early college
  • provide opportunity for students to solve problems and post solutions
  • serve as a repository for good mathematics applications in pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and elementary calculus
  • provide a forum for teachers, students, and industry to communicate with one another

Do you have comments regarding on the job math skills, teaching techniques, or trends in math education? Do you have an interesting math application? If so, please send it to us via email at mathworks@excite.com.

To see the results of this project, follow the links below:

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