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Biological Sciences

The Biological Sciences are broad-based, beginning with molecules and cells before moving on to tissues, organisms, populations and entire ecosystems.  VSCC offers courses and undergraduate research opportunities in Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Environmental Science and Sustainability, and General Biology for both science majors and non-science majors.  The undergraduate biology catalog of courses is intended to support curricula that are part of the Tennessee Transfer Pathways, such that students may transfer credits to a university for continuation on to more advanced degrees in either the biological sciences or health sciences.  Our science majors often go on to medical, dental, veterinary, or other professional and graduate level programs before entering the work force.  The biology department is comprised of a diverse group of faculty capable of providing a wide range of experiential learning environments.  Both conventional lecture formats with wet laboratories and hybrid science courses that mingle online lectures with on ground laboratories are offered.

More information regarding specific faculty, courses, or entire curricula can be accessed via the campus directory and/or course catalog for the current academic year.  For general information regarding all science courses and curricula, contact the Math and Science Division at (615) 230-3261.

Biology - A.S. (TTP)
Environmental Science - A.S.

Biology Faculty

Dr. Douglas Shaw
Science Chair
(615) 230-3287 Douglas.Shaw@volstate.edu
Jerrod Shipman,
Asst. Science Chair
(615) 230-3211 Jerrod.Shipman@volstate.edu
John Rufus Darden,
Asst. Science Chair
for Upper Cumberland
(931) 520-4622 Rufus.Darden@volstate.edu
Erin Bloom (615) 230-4858 Erin.Bloom@volstate.edu
Dr. Robert Carter (615) 230-3748 Robert.Carter@volstate.edu
Dr. Phil Clifford (615) 230-3250 Philip.Clifford@volstate.edu
Dr. Joseph Dolan (615) 230-3259 Joseph.Dolan@volstate.edu
Dr. Billy Dye (615) 230-3671 Billy.Dye@volstate.edu
Maryam Flagg (615) 230-3280 Maryam.Flagg@volstate.edu
Mark Green,
Upper Cumberland
(931) 520-4620 Mark.Green@volstate.edu
Chuck Hicks (615) 452-8600
Dr. Jeff Kent (615) 230-3730 Jeff.Kent@volstate.edu
Hillman Mann (615) 230-3232 Hillman.Mann@volstate.edu
Dr. Glenn McCombs (615) 230-3534 Glenn.McCombs@volstate.edu
Lauren Milstead (615) 230-3268 Lauren.Milstead@volstate.edu
Dr. Girija Shinde,
Upper Cumberland
(931) 520-5211 Girija.Shinde@volstate.edu