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Chemistry is often referred to as the central science. It connects all of the other scientific disciplines. The Vol State Chemistry Program provides students with a state of the art laboratory and instruction in the fundamentals of the chemical sciences.

The Associate of Science (Chemistry) is a two-year program for students who will transfer to the university to continue study leading to the bachelor's degree in chemistry. Because of the fundamental role it plays in every aspect of the world around us, chemistry is often called the 'Central Science'. A student majoring in chemistry has a deep commitment to understanding how our world exists and operates on a molecular level in accordance with the laws of nature. Chemistry is a very rigorous curriculum that involves physics and mathematics to help students understand the driving force of the chemical reaction. Chemistry students often gravitate to specific fields like organic, inorganic, physical, biochemistry, or materials chemistry.

Chemistry A.S. (TTP)

Chemistry Faculty
Name Phone Email
Shane Kelley (615) 230-4872 Shane.Kelley@volstate.edu
Chrysa Malosh (615) 230-3264 Chrysa.Malosh@volstate.edu
Linda Cathey,Cookeville (931) 520-4621 Linda.Cathey@volstate.edu
Chuck Snelling (615) 230-3267 Chuck.Snelling@volstate.edu
Douglas Williams (615) 230-3709 Douglas.Williams@volstate.edu