Math and Science


The Volunteer State Community College Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses aimed at meeting general education requirements for Associate of Science degrees, Associate of Applied Science degrees, as well as certificate programs. Three levels of developmental mathematics are offered. College level courses offered by the Department include Math for Liberal Arts, College Algebra, Elementary Statistics, Intuitive Calculus, Math for Elementary Education, Pre Calculus I and II, Calculus I, II, and III, and Differential Equations. Courses are offered in a variety of delivery methods including traditional lecture, hybrid, and online. In addition to class offerings on the main campus, classes are also offered at many off-campus sites.

The Department understands the global need and value for increased Mathematics education. Technology is changing society and education. The Vol State Math Department is dedicated to providing engaging learning experiences to not only prepare students for the scientific challenges of the future, but to think critically and be motivated to pursue and enjoy life-long learning.

Math Faculty

Name Phone Email
Peter Melvin, Math Chair (615) 230-3277 Peter.Melvin@volstate.edu
Dr. Rita Sowell, Asst. Chair (615) 230-3291 Rita.Sowell@volstate.edu
Michelle Maresh, Asst. Chair
for the Upper Cumberland
(931) 520-4629 Michelle.Maresh@volstate.edu
Ondis Bible (615) 230-3386 Ondis.Bible@volstate.edu
Stephen Blakeman (615) 230-3673 Stephen.Blakeman@volstate.edu
Sheela Brachey, Cookeville (931) 520-4629 Sheela.Brachey@volstate.edu
Gregory Bruton (615) 230-4863 Gregory.Bruton@volstate.edu
Dr. Kim Caldwell (615) 230-3670 Kim.Caldwell@volstate.edu
Chuck Conrad (615) 230-3311 Chuck.Conrad@volstate.edu
Terrell Cothran (615) 230-3271 Terrell.Cothran@volstate.edu
Dr. Le-Ellen Dayhuff (615) 230-4882 Le-Ellen.Dayhuff@volstate.edu
Peggy Dyer (615) 230-3269 Peggy.Dyer@volstate.edu
Dr. Tim Farris (615) 230-3297 Tim.Farris@volstate.edu
Shelley Fenton (615) 230-3248 Shelley.Fenton@volstate.edu
Elizabeth Forrester (615) 230-3247 Elizabeth.Forrester@volstate.edu
Leah Frauendienst (615) 452-8600
Forrest Garwood, Cookeville (931) 520-4630 Forrest.Garwood@volstate.edu
Joy Hosey, Livingston (931) 520-5207 Joy.Hosey@volstate.edu
Kathy Johnson (615) 230-3324 Kathy.Johnson@volstate.edu
Theresa Johnson (615) 230-4894 Theresa.Johnson@volstate.edu
Jonathan Kenigson (615) 230-3249 Jnathan.Kenigson@volstate.edu
Edith Lester (615) 230-3718 Edith.Lester@volstate.edu
John Mantle, Cookeville (931) 520-4644 John.Mantle@volstate.edu
Michelle Maresh, Cookeville (931) 520-4629 Michelle.Maresh@volstate.edu
Vicky McVey (615) 230-3290 Vicky.McVey@volstate.edu
Jeff Moore (615) 230-3325 Jeff.Moore@volstate.edu
Dr. Lingli Ni (615) 230-3296 Lingli.Ni@volstate.edu
Mehdi Shariati (615) 230-3278 Mehdi.Shariati@volstate.edu
LaDonna Yarborough (615) 230-4871 LaDonna.Yarborough@volstate.edu
Mary Yarbrough (615) 230-3707 Mary.Yarbrough@volstate.edu