Math and Science

The Associate of Science (Physics) is a two-year program for students planning to continue their education to earn a bachelor's degree in Physics or a closely related field such as Astronomy.  Physics is the study of the underlying properties of nature from the absolutely mind-bogglingly huge, like galactic superclusters, to the unimaginably small, like the fundamental constituents of matter.  It is the foundation of every other science, and is responsible for some of the greatest discoveries and inventions of our time such as lasers, solar cells, and hybrid cars.  A degree in physics teaches the analytical problem solving and technical skills necessary to be competitive in today's market.

Transfer Options

As a Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP), this degree will be transferable to any public and many private universities in Tennessee offering a Baccalaureate degree in this major.  *NOTE: No course substitutions are permitted within the TTP.

Physics - A.S. (TTP)

Physics Faculty

Name Phone Email
Dr. Tim Farris
Professor of Physics & Engr.
(615) 230-3297 Tim.Farris@volstate.edu
Floyd Lockamy
Instructor of Physics
(615) 230-3273 Floyd.Lockamy@volstate.edu