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Veterinary Assistant

A certificate in Veterinary Assistant requires 22 hours of college courses encompassing both general education and animal care. The program may be completed on either a full or part time basis. This path is designed for students who seek employment as non-licensed, veterinary assistants, these options include:

A student must have acceptable placement scores or have completed all Learning Support to enroll in VTA courses. VTA courses are only offered in a Spring - Fall sequence at the Main Campus in Gallatin.  

Recommended Schedule

Spring Semester (12)

AHC 115 – *Medical Terminology (3)

VTA 100 – *Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy (3)

VTA 130 – *Veterinary Economics (3)

VTA 140 – *Clinical Procedures (3)

Fall Semester (10)

BUSN 1305 – *Introduction to Business (3)

OR INFS 1010 – Computer Applications (3)

VTA 120 – *Veterinary Assistant Nursing (3)

VTA 150 – *Assistant Clinical Practicum (4) (Pre-requisite: completion of VTA 140 with a grade of C or higher)