Social Science

Geography is the study of the world and all that is in it: its peoples, its land, air, and water, its plants and animals, and all the connections among its various parts. When you are investigating the world and its events you are dealing with geography. As you move through space in your everyday life you are observing and interacting with geography and making geographic decisions based on those encounters. You may not be aware of it but you are involved in geographic inquiry. (Source: ESRI)

The Geography area of emphasis at Volunteer State Community College includes both physical and human aspects of spatial analysis. Students will complete core general education courses such as English and Math (both of which have geographic components), and courses ranging from history to geology. In the recommended area of emphasis students will focus on introductory geography courses: World Regional Geography (GEOG 105), Physical Geography (GEOG 101) and Cultural Geography (GEOG 108). Within these courses students will discover that there is more than rote memorization involved with geographic studies; characteristics, relationships, processes, patterns, distribution and regions are just a few of the facets addressed in geography classes. Moreover, these courses stress higher-order critical thinking and help students develop problem solving skills.