Allied Health Name Change

Vol State Ophthalmic ProgramThe Vol State Allied Health Division is undergoing a name change. It will now be known as Health Sciences. The change to Health Sciences will be done gradually over the next few weeks. Vol State president Dr. Jerry Faulkner says that the reason for the name change is three-fold.

“Health Sciences is a more modern designation,” he said.  “It is also more inclusive of programs like Medical Informatics that have not previously been considered part of the health care professions. The name change will allow us to be more inclusive and flexible in offering programs that are relevant to health care but not directly patient interactive.”

Because of the generous donations from the Wallace family, the Division will be officially called the “John B. Wallace Health Sciences Division” in the catalog and on the main web page for Health Sciences.

Health Sciences is just the latest name change on campus. “Distance Learning” is now called “Distributed Education.” That change is also taking place gradually.

Pictured: Ophthalmic director Alisha Cornish works with student Amanda Vandervrink of Hermitage in the new Vol State Ophthalmic lab. They are using a binocular indirect ophthalmoscope that can be used to examine the optic nerve.