Vol State Student Awarded Gilman Travel Scholarship

Vol State student David Wright and International Education Coordinator Anne-Marie RuttenburDavid Wright of Franklin has been awarded a Benjamin A Gilman international scholarship from the U.S. Department of State. The program provides funds for student travel-study experiences in other countries. Wright will embark to Spain where he plans to build his Spanish language skills. The education major says it’s a perfect fit for his future in the classroom.

“I want to learn enough to be able to communicate with my students,” Wright said. “I think a foundation in Spanish will make me a better educator.”

Wright works two jobs and maintains a 3.6 grade point average, while taking 21 credit hours of classes at Vol State. He will transfer to Tennessee Tech University for the fall semester. Wright will travel to Spain as part of the TnCIS travel-study program at Vol State. Each year, students travel to countries across the globe for travel-study as part of the college International Education program. For more information visit:


Pictured: Anne-Marie Ruttenbur, Coordinator of International Education with Vol State student and award recipient, David Wright.