Student Engagement

Early Alerts

Supporting student learning and success is a major priority at Volunteer State Community College.  Early ALERT is Volunteer State Community College's intervention tool used to identify students who are facing difficulties that may put their academics at risk.  

With the Early ALERT system, faculty and staff can identify areas of concern about students timelier and with a more coordinated effort with other offices.  Early ALERTS give students immediate connection to the right resources and support.

How does Early ALERT work?

Faculty and staff notice a student is facing issues that could create obstacles for student success.  All Faculty utilize the secure online reporting tool in Self Service Banner via the Vol State Portal.  Staff members utilize the online secure ALERT form.

The secure information is received in the Office of Retention Support Services and College Success.  The concerns are reviewed and ALERTS are referred to the appropriate offices for intervention.

Reasons for submitting an Early ALERT

  1. ALERTS can provide resources to students in a way that is very fast and easy.
  2. Earlier is better. Connecting the student immediately with services helps them to get back on track quickly.
  3. Coordinating the intervention.  ALERTS go to one office and are referred out based upon recommendations.  It's a streamlined effort.

Some characteristics displayed by a student who might benefit from an ALERT include:

Attendance issues [Leaving Early/Arriving Late]                             

Lack of Attendance [Missing consecutive days, weeks, months, never attended]

Poor Performance on quizzes/exams

College adjustment issues

Poor performance on writing assignments

Financial problems

Lack of participation in class

Physical health concerns

Difficulty completing assignments

Mental health concerns

Difficulty with Reading

Career Counseling

Difficulty with Writing

Assistance with Study Habits

Sudden decline in academic performance

Student needs Veterans Affairs Assistance

Estimated Grade

Grade Below “C”

Not prepared with materials [No book, paper, pencils, etc.]

Student might benefit from services provided to non-traditional students

Students want and appreciate feedback!  ALERTS can also be utilized as a progress reports throughout the semester.  Faculty can submit estimated grades, words of encouragement, and a Kudos!  ALERT feedback can keep students motivated and can truly make the difference in performance at the end of the semester.

Have questions?  Contact the Office of Retention Support and College Success at 615-230-3390 or