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Student Services

Division of Student Services: Encouraging Achievement

Division Mission Statement

The Division of Student Services' guiding principle is student success. We provide needed services and support, and a program of activities promoting the personal, social, academic and emotional development of students while cultivating their need to become life-long learners and productive members of our global society. It is our aim to resourcefully present innovative and creative programs and services extending beyond the classroom experience, while remaining an integral part of the student's educational journey. We are committed to the Mission of the College and seek to provide support services to all students irrespective of socioeconomic status, religion, creed, sexual orientation, race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, or disability among others.

Vision Statement

The Division of Student Services collaborates to foster a holistic student-centered experience focused on innovative learning, and supports students in the development of their unique, individual potential by providing intentional programs and services that prepare students to lead, serve, and become engaged members of society.

Philosophy of Student Services

Each employee in the Division of Student Services at Volunteer State Community College is a Student Services Professional committed to providing programming, support, assistance, information and opportunities to facilitate the personal, social and academic growth of all students. Possessing specialized knowledge and skills to meet the developmental needs of students in higher education, Student Services Professionals teach, guide, advise and advocate for students. We serve as ambassadors of the College.

As Student Services Professionals, we believe that each student

  • Is an important person, worthy of respect;
  • Deserves timely, appropriate and accurate information;
  • Has the potential for becoming a more self-directed and self-reliant adult and life-long learner

By supporting and partnering with faculty we can help provide the best possible learning outcomes for students. Student Services resources should be available for students whether they attend classes on campus, at a satellite location, online, during the day or the evening, or on the weekend. Each Student Services Professional is committed to ongoing professional development and training.