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As a student, you are entitled to procedural protections within the Student Conduct & Disciplinary policy. These protections include:

Review the Student Conduct & Discipline policy to learn more about protections granted to students.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received communication from the Office of the Vice President for Student Services requesting a meeting. Do I have to go?

Students are expected to respond to all correspondence from the Student Conduct Office. When the Office of the Vice President for Student Services (VPSS) receives information regarding a potential violation of the Student Conduct & Disciplinary policy, communication is sent to the student via Vol State email or a letter to the address on file. This communication explains the student conduct process and requests a meeting to discuss the incident. If a student chooses not to participate in the investigation process, the Office of the VPSS will proceed with disposition of the case without input from the student. A restriction may placed on the student's account until the investigation is complete.

What is an advisor?

The term "advisor" is defined as a family member, staff/faculty member of College, or peer, and does not include legal counsel or attorney at law. The role of the advisor is to support to the student.

How do I schedule or change an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by calling 615-230-3442 or in person at the Office of the Vice President for Student Services in Wood 217.

What if I am not satisfied with the outcome?

You may contest the findings and sanctions imposed and elect an institutional hearing before the Disciplinary Committee. Ad Hoc Committee on Discipline within five business days of the decision. This committee consists of college employees trained on student conduct matters. They hear student appeals and decide responsibility and sanctioning.  Refer to the Student Conduct & Disciplinary policy for further details.