The Office of Veterans Affairs

Our Commitment to Veterans

The Office of Veterans Affairs and Adult Learners is honored to be able to serve students who are serving or have served in the United States Armed Forces and their dependents.
You and your family have protected our freedom; now we are here to help you with your education.

Our Office Provides Assistance With 

- Certifying Veterans Affairs (VA) & Department of Defense (DoD) education benefits
- Transitioning to college 
- Prior Learning Assessment credit from military or civilian work experience
- Academic advising and mentoring
- Finding resources to help through college
- Establishing career goals
- Discussing life/career choices

Veterans Checklist

New students may use our Veterans Checklist as a guide to start the admissions and registration process.

Veterans Certification Request Form

If a student would like to use their VA or DoD education benefits for a term, they will complete our Veterans Certification Request Form (VCRF) found by clicking on the BLUE BUTTON on this page.  The VCRF will then need to be forwarded to the office of Veterans Affairs and Adult Learners for processing.

Veterans Center

Our Veterans Center, located on our Gallatin campus, Ramer Building, room 150, is an exclusive place to study, work on assignments with the available computers, or hangout and build camaraderie with other veterans or adults.  

VolState Student Veterans of America (VSVA)

The mission of the VolState Student Veterans of America student club is to provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation.  The VSVA has been active at Vol State since 2012, and is now at the Gallatin and Cookeville campuses. Students from any campus may participate.  If interested in joining, contact the Veterans Affairs and Adult Learners office at veterans.affairs@volstate.edu 

Educational Requirements

Approval for Vol State to offer VA and DoD education or training benefits comes with some conditions. To be eligible for payment of these education benefits, students must follow a degree or certificate plan, such as can be found in the student's DegreeWorks. The VA and DoD will only pay for classes fulfilling the student's degree or certificate plan for Vol State, or through approval from the student's degree granting institution.

Any English, Reading, or Math Skills courses must be taken by conventional classroom method ONLY to be eligible for VA educational benefits (online versions of skills courses are not authorized for VA certification).  The specific classes are ENGL 0810; READ 0810; MATH 0101, 0105, 0153. If you are not sure if the class you will be taking can be certified for attendance to the VA, contact the office of Veteran’s Affairs and Adult Learners to verify BEFORE registering for classes.

Education Rights and College Research

The Department of Education and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have provided tools to assist prospective students in making informed decisions about how to pay for college. Here is a list of websites to assist in researching colleges:

College Scorecard

College Navigator

Paying for College

Vol State Veterans Affairs Contact-Gallatin campus

Penny Starr
Veterans Affairs Associate,
Office of Veterans Affairs and Adult Learners
Ramer Building, Room 150
1480 Nashville Pike
Gallatin, TN 37066
PH: 615-230-3444

Office hours:  8:00-5:30 Monday - Thursday and 8:00-4:30 on Friday

Veterans Affairs Contacts at Other Campuses

Cookeville: Sherrie Cannon Sherrie.Cannon@volstate.edu

Highland Crest (Springfield): Dana Davis Dana.Davis@volstate.edu 

Livingston: Cynthia Wilson Cynthia.Wilson@volstate.edu 

Veterans Certification Request Form

Download form