Placement & ACT Scores

English 1 - 12 Learning Commons
13-17 ENGL 0810
18-36 College Level
Reading 1-12 Learning Commons
13-18 READ 0810
19-36 College Level
Math 1-12 Learning Commons
13-18 MATH 0810
19-36 College Level

If a student has more than one set of ACT scores, they will be allowed to mix and match sub-scores to obtain the best placement. SAT scores will be converted to ACT equivalent scores, and then the above chart will be used for placement.

Students will have the opportunity to challenge their initial placement by ACT scores. For an additional fee, students have the option to retest using the college's primary assessment test or other instruments determined through the Learning Commons.

Students age 21 or over who do not possess valid ACT scores, will be given an assessment test and placed accordingly. For an additional fee, students will have the opportunity to challenge the placement through various instruments.

The Learning Support courses which must be completed by the student will be determined on the basis of this assessment. These courses cover the basic skills through high school level required of all entering students. The courses are entrance requirements and must be completed as the student first begins college. Any student who wishes to challenge his or her placement in math should contact the Learning Commons before enrolling in math courses to discuss options.

Once enrolled, the student must complete any Learning Support course with a grade of "C" or better.