Advisory Committees

Information for Committee Chairs & Co-Chairs

The Chairperson's (or Co-Chairperson's) leadership is key to the success of any advisory committee.

The responsibilities of the Chair include:

  • work with committee members and program staff and community representatives to plan and carry out committee functions
  • assist the Program Director/Staff in agenda development and handling details regarding meetings
  • preside at meetings
  • keep group efforts focused and all members involved in tasks
  • delegate tasks and follow-up work
  • represent the committee at official meetings and functions
  • submit recommendations of the committee to appropriate program staff, administrators and other groups
  • follow-up on committee recommendations or actions

To prepare for the meetings, the Chairperson/Co-Chairperson, working with the Program Director and staff, accomplishes the following:

  • schedules meetings well in advance
  • establishes and publicizes time, date and location of each meeting
  • arranges for meeting location and logistical requirements
  • notifies committee members and appropriate school officials in writing of meeting date and agenda
  • prepares materials on the issues that are on the agenda


Each program has an Advisory Committee Handbook which outlines the program-specific curriculum, mission and other program details, as well as Committee activities and areas of emphasis for the current year. The program-specific Advisory Committee handbooks were developed based on faculty, staff, and Advisory Committee input. In addition to providing members with more detailed program information, a major purpose of the handbook is to align the advisory committee process with the College mission and vision.

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