International Education

Travel Study

France, Spain, Scotland, South Africa, The Netherlands, Jamaica and the United Kingdom: These are some of the places where Volunteer State Community College students have been exploring and learning. Travel study incorporates what students see and experience directly into their Vol State courses.

The International Education initiative provides scholarships for the students to help cover travel expenses. The Tennessee Consortium of International Studies (TnCIS) organizes the programs, providing years of experience in planning the itinerary and the course work. That expertise goes into everything from travel logistics to student safety. The TnCIS Program will expand to include new programs for 2010 in India, China, Italy and the Czech Republic.

TnCIS programs involve an immersion in the culture of another country and an opportunity to study in a foreign location. Each program involves visiting historical and cultural sites and cities in the host country. Students from Vol State will be eligible to apply for scholarship assistance through the International Education Committee. The travel/study programs begin just after the completion of the spring semester each year and usually last about three weeks.

Informational sessions about travel-study are held during the school year. Interested students should contact Dr. John Espey at (615) 230 - 3303.