Media Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What's involved in producing a video?
There are several steps to production, broadly divided into Pre-production, Production and Post-production. Pre-production includes conceptualization, outline, script development, format determination, location selection, talent selection, set construction and other components leading up to turning on the cameras. Production involves setting up the equipment and actually recording the program. This includes lighting, teleprompter, audio, and shooting. We may work in our studio or at several locations on campus or in the area, depending upon the project. Post-production is the editing process, closed captioning if needed, and duplication to final distribution. Each of these elements can be time consuming and require adherence to a schedule that is developed for each project.
How do I decide what format I should use or how long a program should be?
During an initial meeting to discuss your project, we will review the options based upon your needs. Sometimes an enhanced Power Point will best meet your expectations. Other projects may require some still photographs with narration while others projects need a complete video production. Every project is different and may require a different approach. If you are working on course content, we will also work with the Instructional Designer in Distance Learning for content and delivery methodology.
Can I edit sections of videotapes that I record off the air or purchase at a video store for use in the classroom or in my My VolState Online course?
The answer usually is no. There are strict copyright laws that cover all forms of media. We can help determine if your request is covered by current laws. Some programs will grant permission and others will sell rights to edit or reuse their materials. These are determined on a case by case basis. If you want additional information about copyright, the Distance Learning web page has several links to copyright information.
Can I check out a video camera to use at home or can I edit my home movies with Media Services' equipment?
Sorry. College policy does not allow for personal use of our equipment.