VII:01:05 Purchasing Computer Related Hardware and Software

The Director of Information Technology or budget unit head authorized by the Director of Information Technology will review all purchase requests issued for computer hardware or software. This review is done for the purposes of ensuring hardware/software compatibility, inspecting licensing requirements, budget constraints, and inventory control.

  1. The user will discuss the purchase with the Director of Information Technology or designee. From this discussion a purchase requisition will be prepared by Information Technology. All state, TBR and College purchasing procedures will be followed.
  2. The Director will forward all materials to the Vice-President of Business and Finance for approval where applicable. If the purchase requires bidding and/or a purchase order, the Vice-President will route the request to the College Purchasing Department.
  3. For bids, the Director working with the Director of Purchasing will review vendor responses and recommend an award for the bid. The Director will provide the requesting user with the results of the review and the recommended award.
  4. When the College receives the hardware/software, it will be delivered to the Information Technology department after being processed by Central Receiving. Information Technology personnel will inspect, inventory and appropriately label all items associated with the purchase. Where applicable, Information Technology personnel will install the equipment/software in the user department.

All major projects and purchases are to be included in the College's Information Technology Plan. Major project requests not included in the plan may be postponed until after their inclusion.

VSCC Source: September 1, 1993, President; November 1, 1997, President; February 29, 2008, President