VI:02:03 Non-Credit Faculty Qualifications and Appointments


The purpose of this policy is to identify the process for the appointment of non-credit adjunct faculty.

General Qualifications

Non-credit adjunct faculty qualifications include:

  • Documented training/ability in the subject area; degree preferred
  • Documented ability/experience in instruction preferred
  • High degree of maturity, emotional stability
  • Record of success in area of expertise
  • Evidence of good character, attitude
  • Experience in dealing with the adult population, preferably in a leadership role.

Non-credit faculty are not required to hold a college degree unless the specific subject area indicates that the education/training could not have been acquired otherwise. In some cases, accrediting agency requirements, articulation requirements, or other external requirements must be met.

Appointment Process

Non-credit adjunct faculty are appointed each semester based upon the specific instructional needs of the Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development. Potential faculty are interviewed by the appropriate director in the Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development. A second or concurrent interview may be conducted by the Assistant Vice President for Continuing Education and Economic Development. Teaching assignments are recommended by the Assistant Vice President via the teaching agreement process and approved by the Vice President for Resource Development.

Non-credit faculty are required to have an application for employment, a W-4, and I-9, a Direct Deposit form, and three letters of reference on file in the Human Resource Office.

VSCC Source: April 8, 1988, President; July 2, 1997, President; November 27, 2007, President