VI:02:07 Enrollment of Pre-College Students in Non-Credit CEU Programs


The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe learning environment for pre-college age students enrolled in non-credit programs.

General Procedures

Generally, the non-credit program is designed for an adult population, eighteen years of age or older. Enrollment exceptions, based on age, are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Assistant Vice President for Continuing Education and Economic Development. If an exception is approved for a pre-college age student, the parent or guardian of the student must sign a waiver of liability, included on the Non-Credit Registration Form, Pre-College Age Student.

Although offerings for pre-college age students occur primarily during the summer semester, programs may be offered for youth during any semester. Enrollment in these programs requires a signed waiver of liability by the parent or guardian. The statement on the registration form reads:

I hereby consent to and acknowledge the participation of my child in the non-credit course(s) listed below at VSCC. I am aware of and acknowledge the potential risks involved in his/her participation. I also understand that in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable climate for learning, it is imperative that my child is not left unsupervised prior to or after the scheduled class time. I agree to see that my child arrives promptly for class and leaves at the designated time. I assume total responsibility for my child's conduct during his/her attendance on the campus. I authorize the staff of the College to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention for my child and assume any and all expenses related to transport and medical treatment. I realize that failure to comply with any requirements may result in the withdrawal of my child from the activity. I release the College, its governing board, and the State from any and all liability. I certify that all statements on this application are correct and complete.

The parent or guardian is provided information clarifying the requirements of their child's participation in non-credit programs. Requirements include:

  • Children must be accompanied by their parent, guardian, or authorized adult while on the VSCC campus and must be escorted to their designated classroom.
  • Children must be "signed in" at each class session. Children must also be "signed out." Sign out requires that the individual picking up the child provide a photo ID prior to the College releasing the child.
  • Children who are not picked up on time will be escorted to a "holding" area designated by Continuing Education. Any delay in picking up a child beyond thirty minutes after class time (except in cases of emergency) will result in the administrative withdrawal of a child from the class.
  • Disruptive behavior in the classroom is cause for administrative withdrawal.

The parent or guardian must also provide medical information if the child has any medical condition about which the College needs to be made aware. Medical information is forwarded to the Office of Health Services, to the instructor, and filed in the Division office. Campus police serve in the absence of Health Services personnel.

Student aides are assigned to assist with most of the classes designed for pre-college age students. Aides "sign in" and "sign out" students, escort students to the restroom, assist faculty with classroom activities, and serve as runners to deliver or secure materials. Aides also escort students to the "holding" area if parents have not arrived on time.

* Program is defined as a single course or workshop/seminar as well as a series of courses leading toward a Certificate of Completion.

VSCC Source: April 8, 1988, President; June 1, 1989, President; November 27, 2007, President