IV:30:10 Access Key Control


The purpose of the access/key control policy is to establish and maintain integrity in the issuance, return, accountability and record keeping of all Volunteer State Community College (hereafter will be referred to as VSCC) keys, door pin (personal identification number) codes, and electronic access cards.


Building access control is a procedural form of security having the overall goal of preventing occurrences detrimental to the institutional mission by limiting access to College facilities only to those individuals having a demonstrated need for such access. Access Key control is first and foremost a security related responsibility.


The VSCC Campus Police Department will be responsible for key issuance, records management and auditing. In addition, Campus Police will be responsible for the electronic proximity control software.

The VSCC locksmith will be responsible for key and pin code data input into the software system and maintenance of the key management software systems, producing keys, purchasing keys, and maintenance of locking hardware. The VSCC Locksmith is the only department authorized to make, issue, and duplicate keys and install locks and other door hardware. The Office of Human Resources will be responsible for producing identification cards, which also serve as electronic proximity access cards.

The Campus Police Department is the only department authorized to issue electronic proximity cards. Any violation of this policy statement may result in disciplinary action.

The Office of Human Resources will collect keys and/or electronic proximity access cards during the exit interview process and forward them to Campus Police.

If electronic proximity card is lost or stolen, employee is responsible for reporting the lost or stolen card to Campus Policy immediately and will be charged a $20.00 replacement fee for the proximity card.

Campus Police will be responsible for returning key (s) to the maintenance / locksmith department.

College Standard Locking System

Continuity of existing security controls is vitally important to the effectiveness of our master keying system and daily operations. Therefore, all locks will be keyed in a uniform, master-keyed locking system. When lock types or functions are required which the company does not manufacture, these locks must still conform to the master key system. All locks for whatever purpose or whatever type of equipment such as electrical, mechanical, cabinetry, desks, drawers, file cabinets, food storage area, closets, general storage areas, plenum chambers, trophy cabinets, gates, fire equipment, sewer and connecting areas, heating - air conditioning equipment, and any other locked items or areas not specifically mentioned will be included where applicable.

I. Policy Implementation

  1. The Chief of Campus Police is responsible for approval, management, control, record keeping and auditing of the key/electronic proximity access control program. Full-time employees, authorized, part-time employees and /or authorized students may be issued keys or electronic proximity cards upon recommendation and approval of their supervisor (s) and Chief of Campus Police. Students and authorized, part-time employees must also have the approval of their division's Vice President.
  2. The Campus Police office will have access to all facilities. Campus Police in conjunction with housekeeping will open and close facilities during normal operating hours 6:00 a.m. - 11:00 p. m. When buildings are closed, Campus Police can be reached at 230-3595 or ext. 3595. During those times, VSCC identification must be presented before entrance is granted.
  3. The proper authorizations must be obtained before approval of the Building/Room Access Request Form.
  4. Keys and electronic proximity cards are not to be transferred from one individual to another (even within the same department). Violation of this policy statement may result in disciplinary action up to termination.
  5. Individuals to whom College keys, electronic proximity cards, or pin codes are issued are responsible for physical security and their use. Keys/codes/cards should not be "loaned." Violation of this policy statement may result in disciplinary action up to termination.
  6. Loss or theft of any key (s) or electronic access control card or key must be reported immediately to the Campus Police Department.
    1. There is a one (1) time fee waiver of $20.00 in the event the electronic proximity card is stolen. A police report is required for documentation purposes.
    2. Because of the expense and the security risk involved, employees should take special care to safeguard the Mechanical Car Key Unit while driving a College vehicle. If the Car Key Unit is stolen, a police report is required for documentation purposes.
    3. Lost or misplaced keys and/or electronic proximity cards, which have been found, should be forwarded immediately to the Campus Police Office.
  7. Employees who terminate their services with VSCC are responsible for returning their keys and or electronic proximity card to the Office of Human Resources who will in turn forward on to Campus Police.
  8. Any employee designated to issue keys must store all keys issued in a Key-Master lock box. That employee will be responsible for the issuing, retrieval and record keeping of the key box within their department. No keys are to be displayed in plain view on hooks, walls, or desk drawers, or any other unsecured area.

II. Key Procedures

  1. To obtain keys and/or electronic proximity cards, the Building/Room Access form must be completed and approved by the appropriate supervisor and the Chief of Campus Police.
  2. Upon approval, the request will be forwarded to the locksmith and/or the Office of Human Resources. The identification card and/or keys will be returned to Campus Police for distribution upon receipt of the employee's signature indicating he/she is taking control of these items and has read the policy and agrees to comply with all provisions.
  3. Upon separation/ termination Campus Police will be notified by the Office of Human Resource. All keys and or electronic proximity cards assigned must be returned to the Office of Human Resources.
  4. The President, Vice Presidents, Campus Police Officers, Supervisors, housekeeping, maintenance and information technology staff members can access secured offices without notice for reasons related to their job descriptions. Therefore, any personal or sensitive information should be secured in a file cabinet or other unit.
  5. VSCC/Office Furniture - When ordering furniture, Campus Police Department should be notified, to ensure that all locking mechanism for doors and cabinets are equipped with the College standard locking system.
  6. Campus Police Operating Procedures dictate the process for securing buildings after normal operating hours.

III. Electronic Proximity Card Procedures

  1. All full-time VSCC faculty and staff will be issued ID/electronic proximity access cards.
  2. The Office of Human Resources will notify Campus Police via email of employee's name, 5-digit card number, V number, and department for card activation.
  3. The Office of Human Resources will notify the Campus Police Department in the event of termination or suspension, the employee's name, V number, 5-digit card number and department.
  4. The Campus Police Department will maintain a copy of the signed agreement form for each employee.

IV. Other Authorized Personnel

  1. Other authorized personnel will be defined as any individual who the College deems necessary to possess a key or electronic proximity access card to gain access to the College's facilities to conduct business, activities, or perform/provide services related to the operation or function of the College. (Example - part-time employees, temporary employees, adjunct faculty, students, auxiliary vendors, contractors, etc.) Other authorized personnel must complete a Building/Room Access Request Form including the beginning and ending dates, times of required access, and specific building/room information. Other authorized personnel receive approval from the appropriate Vice President and the Chief of Campus Police. Other authorized personnel will be required to adhere to all VSCC access and key policies, rules, and standard operating procedures.
  2. Information Technology Department - The Information Technology Department is assigned two (2) grand master keys in order to provide IT support to the campus facilities and classrooms. Both keys are to be part of the Campus Police Departments Key Management System and are to be checked in/out in that department on a daily basis.

VSCC Source: March 1, 2010, President's Cabinet