III:11:10 Student Clubs & Organizations Travel Away From Campus


Advisors of student clubs and organizations may seek approval for members of the group to travel to activities, conferences or events away from the campus. If approval for absences from classes will be needed, the advisor and students must follow the policy on Excused Absences for College Functions. Refer to VSCC Policy II:05:00. Weekend trips related to instructional programs should be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs; weekend trips related to student activity programs should be approved by the Coordinator of Student Activities and/or the Director of Student Life and Diversity Initiatives with final oversight from the Vice President for Student Services.

Travel by student groups or other groups of participants in programs or activities of the institution may be reimbursed under the same provisions as athletic travel per TBR Policy 4:03:03:50.


The following rules shall always apply:

  1. Each student must remember that he/she is a representative of Volunteer State Community College and his/her personal conduct must not be disorderly, disrespectful or unacceptable when participating in a non-academic trip away from campus.
  2. The Student Disciplinary Rules found in the current Student Handbook apply just as if the student is on the campus of the College. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, theft and other named activities are prohibited while on a trip away from campus. Refer to VSCC Policy III:00:05.
  3. The hours of departure and return will be established by the advisor and must be observed by those participating in the trip away from campus. The advisor will not wait for a student who fails to report for departure or return. It is the student's responsibility to report according to the established times or expect to arrange his/her own means of departing or returning.
  4. Each student must sign the Hold Harmless Agreement prior to departures from the campus.

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VSCC Source: Former III:09:09, April 1, 1990, February 24, 1999, President; December 16, 2008, President's Cabinet; President, August 28, 2009